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Decorative Ceiling Tins - Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles / Panels / Mirrors


Find tin decorative ceiling tiles from a wide variety of time periods and styles for sale on auction. Need a Victorian decorative ceiling tin for the bedroom? Perhaps a whole lot of matching antique pressed tin ceiling tiles from vintage tin ceilings of the 1800s? How about vintage Shabby Chic ceiling tin or maybe a whole set of embossed tin ceiling tiles to expand your antique ceiling tins collection? No matter what your reason you stand a good chance of finding what your looking for with an "ever-changing" tin ceiling tile inventory available to purchase at great prices via auction online - metallic (metal - copper, tin, gold, silver, aluminum, medallion & wood styles). 

Here's just a few recent decorative ceiling tin buys that were available -

Shabby Chic old ceiling tin from upstate NY - 11.75 x 11.75 - Patina on back - starting price - 99 cents!

Faux tin ceiling tiles - metallic copper - $1.50

60 old 6 x 6 ceiling tin tiles with uniquely retro embossed designs starting price - $3 each!

BEAUTIFUL 1800'S Ceiling tin panel wreath - (extraordinary detail and metal in good condition) - starting price - $9.99

Tin Ceiling Cornice Molding Panel 11" x 48" - 100+ years old - starting price -  $12.95

30"x30" Tin Ceiling Tile Panel--Shabby Chic - early 1900's with very fine detail - starting price - $9.99

10 rolls of heavily embossed tin ceiling wallpaper (54 sq. feet per roll) - great condition - starting price -  $150.00


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